The  Bristol Herald Courier eloquently described the impact of repealing Obamacare in stating, “If the American Healthcare Act (Congressional repeal of Obamacare) becomes law, the CBO estimates that 23 million Americans will lose health insurance over the next decade…What the AHCA means for the 9th District is predictable. Of the roughly 3/4 of a million people who live there, it is reasonable to suppose that the repeal of Obamacare and the passage of a less generous health care law will leave thousands to die in Southwest Virginia over the next decade.”

The website, which tracks Obamacare enrollments, crunched the numbers and concluded that as many as 62,200 citizens in the district could lose coverage if Obamacare was repealed.

On July 16, hundreds of protesters held a rally and brought a paper chain 3 miles long with 62,000 links to symbolize those who would lose care if Obamacare was repealed.

According to the Tax Policy Center of the Brookings Institute, the ACHA would deliver “a $37,000 average annual tax cut to the 1 percent of the population with the highest earnings (annual income of over $772,000). The top 0.1 percent of the income distribution would receive an annual tax cut of over $200,000 (annual income over $3.9 million).” As the chart below shows, tax benefits to those with lower incomes is insignificant.

Our position is that while Obamacare isn’t perfect, any repeal that reduces the number of citizens within Virginia’s Ninth District with health insurance is against our interests. Congressman Griffith voted for the AHCA, which delivers a significant tax benefit to the wealthy but devastates health care coverage in his district. Concerned citizens should contact Congressman Griffith and demand that he starts acting for the citizens who voted him into office, rather than for the wealthy.