Why Griffith Cares So Little About His Constituents (Hint: Follow the Money)

A recent letter in the Roanoke Times proclaimed “Griffith Represents Kock Brothers.” Easy enough to check, so I surfed over to www.opensecrets.org and confirmed that Griffith received $6,000 from Koch Industries in 2017-2018.

Check the total received and you see that Koch has contributed $41,000 to his four campaigns, a tidy sum, but trailing Alpha Natural Resources, who through the company, their PAC (political action committee), and wealthy individuals, contributed over $61,000. Alpha is a coal producing company, so if you’re wondering why Griffith supports coal so aggressively, well, there it is.None of this was really that surprising. However, when I surfed down to the total source of funds, I saw the chart below. This shows that only $15,083, or 3.8% of contributions to Griffith come from small individual donors. The rest comes from PACs, and large individual contributors, which are typically employees of large supporting organizations and PACs. 

For perspective, when Republican Devin Nunes published the Republican memo regarding Trump and Russia, his Democratic challenger received over $100,000 of contributions, with most coming from small contributors. That’s over six times the amount Griffith has collected in two days.

So if you’re wondering why Griffith spends so much time working for coal, oil, and gas companies, and so little time proposing legislation that helps his constituents, now you know.  He serves for those who fund his campaigns.

If you want to remove Griffith, you’re going to have to support his challengers, with your contributions, with your energy, and ultimately with your votes.

Here’s the website for Anthony Flaccavento – Flacc4Congress.com
Here’s the website for Justin Santopietro – Justin4VA.com