Griffith Toes The Republican Party Line in Thoughtless Memo-Gate Blog Post – Is Anyone Surprised?

by Fayma Nye

Morgan Griffith’s blog post regarding Memo-Gate demonstrates his thoughtless regurgitation of whatever position the Republican Party directs him to try to cram down our throats. Entitled, Rogue Individuals at FBI Tilted the Scales of Justice, Griffith’s tagline sets the tone for yet another attempt by the majority party to create evidence of a grievous offense where none exists. The “evidence” offered and intended to “prove” the claim of “rogue individuals” and “political purposes” does exactly the opposite.

Read through to the last paragraph of the memo, and it contradicts its own assertions by stating (correctly) that Papadopoulos’ drunken bragging to an Australian diplomat about information the Russians had on Hillary Clinton is what triggered the Russia investigation. The diplomat contacted the FBI, and that, along with other evidence, convinced numerous attorneys and the judges on the FISA court that surveillance was, indeed, warranted.

Here’s what NPR had to say. “But what this line in the memo reveals is that the investigation was initially triggered not by the Steele dossier but by information about the activities of Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos.”

The Memo Doesn’t Dispute Collusion

It’s also interesting to note that the memo doesn’t address, in any way, whether any collusion existed between Russia and the Trump campaign. Trump and his minions have denied collusion from the start, but evidence of a clear connection have emerged as multiple Trump officials, including Popoadopulous and Michael Flynn have pled guilty to lying to the FBI about this very issue. It’s a thinly-veiled and frankly pathetic attempt to divert the Mueller investigation away from pursuing this critical issue that threatens to undermine our democracy (see Time Magazine, Donald Trump’s Lies Are Fatally Wounding Our Democracy).

Overall, the Republicans have become confident that their supporters will believe anything if they repeat it often enough, and Morgan Griffith’s comments are an example of this. Did he even read the memo through to the end? In his eagerness to “pile on” and revel in the sanctimonious glory of staking a claim on the moral high ground, he couldn’t take the time to read for himself the entire three and one-half pages.

Rather than prove their premise, the Republicans have shown, instead, that they have built an entire case on their lie that the FISA surveillance permit was granted based on the Christopher Steele dossier, which it was not.

Did Trump collude with the Russians? We still don’t know, and nothing about Memo-Gate offers proof one way or another. Sound far-fetched? Well, we absolutely do know that Trump’s son and son-in-law met with Russians claiming to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton, a meeting that Stephen Bannon (of all people), labeled treasonous. We know that Trump wrote a false memo on behalf of his son claiming that the meeting related to “a program about the adoption of Russian children.”

What Memo-Gate does prove is that Griffith and his Republican cohorts care more about protecting Trump than they do about the existential issue of whether the current president of the United States colluded with one or our principal enemies to get there. We in the VA9th deserve better.

Don’t be gullible. Make up your own mind. My mind is clear that if you simply substitute the words “Republican party” for “FBI” in the tagline, it reads true.

Read Griffith’s entire post here: Griffith: Rogue Individuals at FBI Tilted the Scales of Justice.

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