Anthony Flaccavento Throws Hat in Ring at Grayson Dems Barbeque

The Flacc is back, and let’s hope the second time is a charm

Anthony Flaccavento, who ran for Congress back in 2012, is running again in 2018. Below is his recent talk at the Grayson Democrats Barbeque in October 2017.

Sorry for the poor quality of the video; I shot it with an iPhone and no tripod and processed it a couple of ways to limit the shakes and video noise. But the audio is clear, and Anthony’s message is striking; he has a plan to help the VA9th get on its feet.

Anthony’s website is and his Facebook page is

I shot video of Anthony during his last campaign, and then used some footage for some testing performed for my day job as video journalist.  This involved watching and listening to his talk many, many times, and Anthony’s message really stuck with me.  Here’s the one-minute snippet.

There are thoughtful, compelling words, particularly given who now occupies the White House and how poorly Griffith has represented the district. It’s up to us to take our country back, and complacency is no longer an option. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Anthony will all of your energies.