Democrats Paint Virginia Blue

It’s shining today in the VA9th, even if the sun never peeks beyond the gray clouds currently painting the sky. Yesterday, Virginia voters painted the state blue, choosing the better gubernatorial candidate, rejecting campaigns based upon lies and negative ads, and rejecting the fraud who currently resides in the White House. Let’s hope it’s just the first step towards rolling back the malignant tide of divisiveness and policies by the rich for the rich formulated by Trump and his Republican enablers in both houses, including Morgan Griffith.

While overjoyed at the result, we have our work cut out for us in the upcoming Congressional race, as most of the VA9th was solidly red by margins close to 80%. Clearly, the statewide elections were won in NOVA.

But the campaign to unseat Griffith begins today, it begins now. Griffith has done little but trumpet the policies of the White House, which is particularly galling since there are few rich people in his district and many who need health care. Griffith has no vision to help make the VA9th strong and vibrant again, his major legislative efforts support large pharmaceutical companies or seek to undermine government-based offices like the Congressional Budget Office that help keep both parties honest. He supports and enables the lies that Trump keeps telling and fewer and fewer voters keep believing. We’re coming for you, Griffith, and if last night’s election doesn’t throw fear into your heart, you’re not paying attention.

We thank everyone on both sides who shared their honest views and emotions on our Facebook page over the last few months; intelligent conversation benefits everyone. To those who cursed, insulted, spread lies and mistruths, or attempted bullying, or those who debased the conversation with idiotic memes, we hope you learned from Gillespie’s stunning loss that lies and negativity don’t sway the Virginia voter. We’re big boys and girls and can take your insults, but if you want to be effective, try calm, supported logic. Or not. Keep doing what you’re doing to help us unseat Griffith and elect a Democratic congressman who will actually support the district.