Global Warming is Real (and the Earth is Round)

In the 1970’s, Gordon Moore accurately predicted the speed of computers would double every two years.  As a retired research scientist, I believe his principle can be applied to many areas of science and technology. Just look at how fast technology advances. Our cars and cell phones now talk to us and I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, the technology works the same.

Just behold the developments in medical science and the many diseases that are now being cured. Once again I’ve noticed both Republicans and Democrats embrace these cures and offer thanks to God for the wonderful scientists who discover them.

In fact, I marvel at the ability of the brilliant scientists who were able to determine the time, to the exact microsecond, of the solar eclipse on August 21. Republicans and Democrats alike believed the scientists and spent gobs of money on special glasses and lenses to observe this rare phenomenon. Because of the expertise of modern day science, the Republican President knew exactly when to look skyward and witness the eclipse.

Yet when these same brilliant scientists conclude that human activities cause global warming, so many Republicans, including the sky-gazing President, decide they don’t believe so much in science after all. No, they seem only to believe in science when it’s convenient, like the treatment of an illness or viewing of a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse.

Kim Baughman
Elk Creek

Photo courtesy: Greg McCown