Griffith Supports Trump’s Tax Plan (That Raises Taxes on his Constituency)

Rep. Morgan Griffith plays the good soldier in this MSNBC interview, supporting president Chirp’s tax plan. Griffith asserts that the plan will benefit everyone. Here’s the finding from the Tax Policy Center

“Those with the very highest incomes would receive the biggest tax cuts. The tax cuts are smaller as a percentage of income in 2027, and taxpayers in the 80th to 95th income percentiles would, on average, experience a tax increase.”

So, the top 1% get the most benefit, while those on the bottom may see an increase. Since the average income in the 9th District is just under $37,000 (according to Wikipedia), a good percentage of voters in the district fall between the 80 – 95 percentile.

Again, as with health care, Griffith supports president Chirp against the interest of his constituents.