What a True Leader Sounds Like (Hint: It’s Not Trump)

There were racial slurs written on five doors at the Air Force Academic Preparatory School. Here’s the response from Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, superintendent of the Air Force Academy. Five minutes long, the video teaches how a leader should have acted regarding Charlottesville and the NFL situation. He makes two key points.

  • Leaders lead by uniting, not dividing. Had Trump really wanted to resolve the NFL situation (not that it needed his attention) he would have invited players and owners to a closed-door meeting, not fanned the flames in an Alabama stump speech. Trump made the situation much, much worse, not better.
  • Our diversity makes us stronger. Trump’s anti-Muslim, gay, Mexican, handicapped, woman-related comments show that he doesn’t believe this, and I suspect that most people who accuse kneeling NFL players of disrespecting the flag rather than protesting police brutality and other inequalities don’t believe this either.

This talk is five minutes in length and is beautiful and inspiring. In many ways, the armed services represent the best of us and America; I wish all of us could adhere to the ideals Lt. Gen. Silveria speaks of.