Forbes Calls House Voting Against Griffith Amendment a “Golden Act of Rationality”

VA9th wasn’t the only site that felt that Congressman Morgan Griffith’s attempt to gut the Congressional Budget Office was a bad idea. In an article entitled, This Was Last Week’s Only Moment Of Bipartisan Sanity In Washington, Forbes stated,

“The one golden nugget of true bipartisanship and rationality amidst all of last week’s extreme and maybe even unprecedented craziness in Washington occurred when the House decisively defeated 116 to 309 a proposal by Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) that would have gutted the Congressional Budget Office.

The vote absolutely was bipartisan: less than half (116) of the 240 House Republicans voted for the proposal. Several of the biggest GOP names in federal budgeting, including House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Budget Committee Chairwoman Diane Black (R-TN), voted against the Griffith plan.”

The article’s author, Stan Collender, also outed Griffith as a shill, stating, “Griffith was really just a front for the real sponsor of the amendment — the presumed-to-be-very-vindictive House Freedom Caucus — that wanted to stop CBO from making it impossible to enact the Trump/HFC agenda.”

The Republican party has been trying to repeal Obamacare “in the dark,” working late at night with minimal debate and pitiful disclosure of the contents of their legislation. It has been a total mockery of the legislative process intended by our founding fathers. Representative Griffith attempted to further limit insight into the economic impact of Republican proposals by shutting down the group charged with providing such analyses. Even his fellow Republicans were too embarrassed by his efforts to support it.

From our perspective, Representative Griffith should focus his efforts on legislation that serves his constituency, rather than working at the behest of Congressional groups with very different interests.

(Picture courtesy of the Bristol Herald Courier. Here’s an article with BHC’s thoughts on Griffith’s proposed legislation, entitled Griffith’s Use of Convenient Logic on Health Care).