Griffith’s Amendment to Abolish CBO Analysis Division Fails, Thank Goodness!

On July 24, Congressman Morgan Griffith, along with three other congressmen, submitted an amendment to abolish the Budget Analysis Division of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In a press release, Griffith stated, “Too often, predictions made by CBO turn out to be far off the mark. To this effect, my amendment abolishes the Budget Analysis Division of CBO, which is responsible for cost estimates of bills and baseline projections of federal spending.”

Fortunately, Griffith’s amendment failed. As reported by the Roanoke Times, “House Democrats agreed the budget analysis office’s methods aren’t foolproof but were quick to call Griffith’s amendment vindictive — a result of the unflattering scores slapped on the health care replacement bills, they argued. “This is the equivalent of ‘let’s beat up the referee after we don’t like the outcome of a soccer game,’ ” said Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass.”

In an article entitled Griffith’s Use of Convenient Logic on Health Care, The Bristol Herald Courier pointed out that Griffith “believes in the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring of legislation until he doesn’t — and, when it comes to health care, this politically convenient flip-flopping will hurt the poorest and oldest constituents in Virginia’s 9th District.”

The article cites instances where Griffith supported CBO findings when it supported his causes but didn’t when the CBO estimated that if the American Health Care Act (AHCA) repealed Obamacare, over 24 million Americans would lose health insurance. Estimates aside, the Herald Courier pointed out that “More people in the 9th District have health care after Obamacare came into effect. Yet, denying the significance of CBO estimates, Griffith voted to remove Obamacare and replace it with the AHCA.”

The article also notes that Politifact concluded that one of the reasons Obamacare didn’t achieve the projected enrollment numbers was because of restrictions and other limitations imposed on the act by Republicans. This included Trump stopping all media outreach to boost enrollment, not to mention that continual allegations that Obamacare was failing.

The Herald Courier article concludes, “Even President Trump called the House health care bill ‘mean.’ Regardless of Griffith’s beliefs about CBO estimates, if the AHCA becomes law, the oldest, poorest and especially the women in Virginia’s 9th District are going to suffer the most…We can thank Griffith for contributing to this impending hardship on Southwest Virginia — and the Republicans for this impending hardship on America.”

In this health care battle, Griffith shows that he cares more about toeing the Republican party line than he does about the welfare of the people in the Ninth district who elected him to serve. It’s time to ask Congressman Griffith, “what have you done for us lately?”